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 Pedalier éfféts Benado

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James Schmitt
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James Schmitt

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MessageSujet: Pedalier éfféts Benado   Pedalier éfféts Benado EmptyMar 21 Juin - 7:45

I was not happy with the tone of the Boss pedals....
They were always a temporary resolve until I found this new boutique pedal board that Brent is using........
Its brand new to the market place..
Its a Benado pedal board...
It has five pedals hard wired on five seperate circuit boards...
So the options of placement are very flexible.......
All of the pedals are boutique. I compared them to the pedals I own which I feel sound the best for their individual jobs and the Benado pedals are equal to and in most cases surpasses what I owned.....
Its five pedals are a delay, reverb, an overdrive, a distortion, and a compression pedal....
the overdrive and compression pedals can both be used as clean boosts........
The reverb is analog studio quality, I usually set it for that buttery smooth sound or I can set it to emulate the best vintage spring verb sounds when needed...
All of the pedals are really flexible......
I could go on and on about this Benado pedal board...
what's great...I can also plug in my old fav's when I desire....
So far I have not had that desire.........The Boss pedals are going back into the closet.......Paul Franklin

Pedalier éfféts Benado 2543_pedalboard_2


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Pedalier éfféts Benado
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