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 Le "Belly" Bar

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James Schmitt
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James Schmitt

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Le "Belly" Bar Empty
MessageSujet: Le "Belly" Bar   Le "Belly" Bar EmptyVen 24 Juil - 18:33

ou barre du ventre
proposé par Asher Guitars

Here are a couple of pictures to see how it installs. We bend the aluminum bar with a jig to get the shape and angled ends that slip into the body. The bar is matched up to the body and hole locations are marked. Once drilled to the proper depth we install steel tuner bushings as sleeves to slide in the "Belly Bar". The design is quite simple and I owe it to Tim Sheerhorn who owns one of my lap steels and did the first installs for his and a few of my clients in Nashville. He then handed the design over to me to offer on my steels. Like Steinar said it is simple but very functional and stable. Feels a lot like a stand up Dobro. To answer Andy Sandoval, it may be possible to custom make one for a Bakalite but you have to be willing to drill holes. I have a Rickenbacher Bakalite so if you want give me a call, I can try to lay one out. They are reasonably priced at $48.00 for the bar and bushings, and we charge $25 to install them. So far I have only done installs on my lap steels but look forward to perfecting the bending system so we can offer them for other lap steels. Thanks, Bill

Le "Belly" Bar 4639_AsherBellyBarpic1_1

Le "Belly" Bar 4639_AsherBellyBarpic2_1

Le "Belly" Bar Bellybar

Le "Belly" Bar L_9fb755b6408a42c894d3afa1a290abac

Le "Belly" Bar L_39545d02e7af4feaae5958c89f16d34f


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Le "Belly" Bar Empty
MessageSujet: Re: Le "Belly" Bar   Le "Belly" Bar EmptyVen 24 Juil - 18:46

Certainement inventée par un pilier de comptoir lol!
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Lionel Duhaupas

Lionel Duhaupas

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Le "Belly" Bar Empty
MessageSujet: Re: Le "Belly" Bar   Le "Belly" Bar EmptyVen 24 Juil - 19:12

ça marche aussi pour les abdos?
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Olivier Dufays

Olivier Dufays

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Localisation : Lyon
Date d'inscription : 23/07/2005

Le "Belly" Bar Empty
MessageSujet: Re: Le "Belly" Bar   Le "Belly" Bar EmptyVen 24 Juil - 22:15

Cool comme idée !!!
Mais c'est vrai que selon la forme de "protection" abdominale que l'on a "choisi", il faudrait que le "belly bar" soit auto-formable !!!!
Sinon c'est cool comme idée, au moins on ne reste pas statique...

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Le "Belly" Bar Empty
MessageSujet: Re: Le "Belly" Bar   Le "Belly" Bar Empty

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Le "Belly" Bar
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