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 Config C6 par Buddy Emmons

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James Schmitt
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Config C6 par Buddy Emmons Empty
MessageSujet: Config C6 par Buddy Emmons   Config C6 par Buddy Emmons EmptyMar 29 Avr - 8:16

"My road Legrande has the As to Bs and my house guitar has the middle E to F, so I don't have a preference between the two. I will say that when I do use the fourth pedal, which is rare, I use it more often with the A to B. I originally used the Es to F so I would have several clean inversions of a major chord I could strum across the tuning with the thumb. Later, I thought a major 7th would be nice on top so I took the top E to F off. In retrospect, I think the major notes all the way to the top E might be my preference for that particular change.

As for both As to Bs, again, it depends on whether you prefer using it as a major 7th, minor major 7th, or minor ninth. Either would work but one way leaves your root to the minor on the bottom… decisions, decisions.

I personally prefer the A to B on the top end only so the bottom note will be in tact for the minor ninth and won't clutter the bottom end of the ninth chord when using it with the fifth pedal. As far as As to Bs verses Es to Fs, if you have access to extra rods, you could do as I do when I'm undecided, and that's to have two extra slack rods in place for the alternate change. That way, you can back one set off and then engage one or both of the others if you need them. I've done this over the years when working studio dates and it works well when you have time between tunes to make the changes.

I hope I've been of some help. Whatever setup is on Ernie's site is what I'm currently using.

Here's an example of turnaround chords for the seventh and eighth bars of songs like The Night Life, Crazy, or Misty, in the key of D. All four chords use strings 4, 5, 7, & 10 and pedal five with two beats on each chord. Starting on fret 10:
1. Press pedal five and the A to Ab lever and play strings 4, 5, 7, and 10. This is a C7 augmented 11 chord.
2. Let the chord ring and slide back to fret nine on the third beat and release the A to Ab lever for a B 7th chord.
3. On fret eight, play strings 4, 5, 7, & 10 with the A to Bb lever for two beats. This gives you a Bb 7th augmented.
4. Slide to fret seven and release the A to Bb lever as you engage pedal seven, for an A 13th chord. This sets you up to return to the key of D.
Here it is in shorthand:

Fret ten - C7 +11. . (Pedal five + A to Ab lever)
Fret nine - B7. .(Pedal five)
Fret eight - Bb7 +. . (Pedal five + A to Bb lever)
Fret seven - A 13th. . (Pedal five and pedal seven)
but if you add the 9th string after you hit the Fm7 noted above, you have a Bb11 and a wonderful dominant chord to get you back to Eb.
the strings are 3, 5, and 7. Starting at fret 7, it moves four frets down and repeats the next movement down starting on fret 8, and the third on fret 9 all the way down to the Bb #9 position at fret one..
The descending single note pattern if it's where I think you're talking about, starts at the 10th fret. The first three notes are played using strings 7, 6, and 5, and jumps to fret 12, string 4 for the fourth note.
The second pattern repeats the same triplet on fret 10 and goes to fret 11 and 10 (string 4) for the fourth and fifth notes.
The third triplet starts on fret 10, strings 8, 7, and 6 and ends with the fourth note (string 5) on fret ten. From there it's kind of a haphazard flight downward using the same technique.
As for tab, I never tabbed the One For The Road album due to leakage in the tracks. And for pedals, I didn't use them for the single note lines.

- Buddy Emmons
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Config C6 par Buddy Emmons
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