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 Railroaded ?

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MessageSujet: Railroaded ?   Railroaded ? EmptyMer 5 Déc - 10:12

An article by Pat in a back Issue of Aloha Dream raises some interesting points, one of which is, If Joseph Kekuku picked up a bolt from a railway track and discovered the 'slide' way of playing guitar, how did he do that in the early to mid 1880's, when the railroad only came to Oahu on November 16th 1889 ? confused
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MessageSujet: An imported   Railroaded ? EmptyMer 5 Déc - 16:18

Dear Basil,

Far be it from me to put interesting snippets of information under the cold water of a shower, but the disparity of dates begs the question:

"Where exactly did he find the bolt? And in what state of repair or construction was the track?"

Bolts used on railways for fastening sleepers are used in a variety of mechanical configurations.

Another question is comes from the fact that the railway's (train's?)arriving in a town is one consideration, but before it can, the track has to be laid and that can take a lot of time if it is to be done conscientiously. After all the expression mid 1880s is a fairly vague time to cause consternation.

In Ireland at any rate, embellishment to the facts of history is a well known catalyst for confounding the historian unbending in his resolve.

Of course, this is only superficial suggestion.

History is hard work.

With my every encouragement,

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James Schmitt
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James Schmitt

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MessageSujet: Re: Railroaded ?   Railroaded ? EmptyMer 5 Déc - 18:24

i did'nt know they had trains in Hawaii,( the big & fast ones that is...)
now i know what they had :

there's more where this came from

Thanx for bringin' the subject forth Baz

i had understood that Mr Jo Kekuku found "his" technique round 1884
it must' a took 'em a while to lay them tracks, switches, stations, whatever else was needed before the locomotive got rollin' down the line
perhaps it was on the work gangs that Jo came up w: his "thing"
were these guys in the camp too ?

" Other persons who have been credited with the invention of the steel guitar include Gabriel Davion, an Indian sailor, around 1885, and James Hoa, a Hawaiian of Portuguese ancestry "

Ho boys ! can't ya' the line the track
mary & the baby, lyin' in the shade
talkin' bout the money that i ain't made
Ho boys get yer line on
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MessageSujet: Re: Railroaded ?   Railroaded ? EmptyVen 7 Déc - 3:19

Don't discount Gabriel Davion ?

The slide guitar developed in many cultures around the world, but there are many deep connections between Hawaiian guitar and Indian music. The earliest known report of anyone playing slide guitar in Hawaii dates from 1876, when Gabriel Davion, an Indian boy kidnapped by Portuguese sailors and brought to Hawaii, is reported to have been playing slide guitar on his lap. Of course, there are Indian string instruments that utilize slide known to have existed since the 11th century A.D.

AND :-

After leasing Campbell's ‘Ewa and Kahuku land in order to start two sugar plantations Dillingham obtained a government charter for a railroad. It was granted by King David Kalakaua on September 11, 1888, and soon after the OR&L was organized. After securing the necessary capital, Dillingham broke ground in March 1889 with a goal of connecting the twelve miles between Honolulu and ‘Aiea (as demanded in the charter) by the fall of 1889. On November 16, 1889, the king's birthday, the OR&L officially opened for traffic, giving free rides to more than 4,000 curious and excited people that day. Over the next ten years the OR&L would see exponential growth.

BROKE GROUND in March 1889..?

So the railroad only got permission to START building in September 1888 and the laying of tracks started in March 1889.. NO Earlier..not even on the sugar plantations because.. :-
Railroaded ? Pict4

Ewa 1
Built 1890 by Baldwin Locomotive Works

Wheel Arrangement: 0-4-2T with tender

Weight: 12 tons

First steam locomotive used on the Ewa
Sugar Plantation.
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MessageSujet: Re: Railroaded ?   Railroaded ? Empty

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Railroaded ?
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