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 Bienvenue a Michael Haunschmid

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James Schmitt
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MessageSujet: Bienvenue a Michael Haunschmid   Mar 10 Mar - 9:45

Le Forum souhaite la Bienvenue a Michael Haunschmid de Vienne en Autriche

Nice to have you here among us Michael
Feel free to post in English

Voici ce qu'il m'a écrit :

I'd like to be a member of the SGF forum.

I started a lap steel website:
It's all about dobros, weissenborns, lapsteel.
Mainly my tablatures of songs of popular players, Douglas, Ickes, Ben Harper, some of my own songs.
I got lots more on my PC, Ill add them from time to time.
So you see, the idea is sharing.
If other members of the board want to spread their tabs, they are welcome.

Whats more important: The second idea of this site is musical cooperation.
I started to put lap steel song snippets on the site.
Other players can download them, send me their tabs and Ill put them on the site again.
An interesting experiment: Working on songs together with other players.

I'd like to tell the players in the forum about this project.
Discuss it with them, maybe they wish to join in.
Maybe they have other ideas of musical cooperation, Ill add them to my site.
I am open for everything about lap steeling.

Greetings from Vienna, Austria



ZumSteel D10 9/8 - Gibson EH 150 - Mesa Boogie Studio Preamp - Lexicon MPX1
PV Telonics  - Peavey Nashville 1000 - BJS steel bar - Jagwire strings -
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MessageSujet: Re: Bienvenue a Michael Haunschmid   Mar 10 Mar - 12:04

Welcome on board Michaël

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Lionel Duhaupas


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MessageSujet: Re: Bienvenue a Michael Haunschmid   Mar 10 Mar - 14:40

welcome Michaël salut
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Louis Vallée


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MessageSujet: Re: Bienvenue a Michael Haunschmid   Mer 11 Mar - 7:50

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Christian Ayrinhac


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MessageSujet: Re: Bienvenue a Michael Haunschmid   Mer 11 Mar - 9:33

Bienvenue Michaël
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John Sluszny

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MessageSujet: Re: Bienvenue a Michael Haunschmid   Jeu 12 Mar - 9:37

Hello Michael,j'étais à Vienne l'été passée.
Quelle belle ville.
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Michael Haunschmid


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Localisation : Vienna Austria
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MessageSujet: Thanks for warm welcome   Ven 13 Mar - 8:09

Hello everybody,

thanks for your warm welcome. Unfortunately I do not speak a single word French, just English - and German, of course.

Some words about me:
I am no "classical" lap steel player - can't image how people can deal with 8 or more strings. Only thing I know: I could not.

In the olden days I used to play acoustic guitar, fingerstyle. Want to hear some MP3s? You find excerpts of my CD here:

I've been listening to Ben Harper songs for 15 years or so. And 4 years ago I bought my first Weissenborn. Want to know more about my Weiss babys? At the moment I have 4 of them:

- Hawaiatar: Australian Weissenborn by Glenn Wilson
- Weissenborn Style 1: pretty old, as you know, but in great shape
-Industrial Steel Resolectra: handmade aluminium monster with a tricone resonator, loud as hell. They are quite expensive nowadays, I got it for 600 dollars or so some years ago. Could not afford it today.
- Hermann Guitars Weissenborn Style 1: Incredible Weiss, price unbeatable low, quality high, great sound.

I do not play Dobro bluegrass style, I play sort of fingerstyle Weissenborn. You find a few tracks here: If you like them, tell me. If not - well, I do not know ... Bad)

Two reasons why I started
1. Sharing my lap steel tablatures. There are maybe 10 or so online, more will follow.
2. Musical cooperation with you. The idea is: I put snippets of lap steel tunes on my site. You download them, work on them (in Power Tab Editor), send me your files with your credits, and I put them again on my website.

Anyway, I do not know how many of you use Power Tab Editor. And I do not know if there is one single lap steel player who likes this idea. Apart from me, cause I love this idea ...

Well, thats about me - for the moment. Please tell me: What do you think about this cooperation thing?

Sorry for this long post, it's because it's my first one here. Usually I am not that talkative.

Greeting from Vienna, keep sliding
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MessageSujet: Re: Bienvenue a Michael Haunschmid   

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Bienvenue a Michael Haunschmid
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